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I am once again pleased to say that I have been selected as an IBM Champion.  Congratulations to all of this year’s Champions, but a special congrats to the first-timers!  It’s exciting to see new people taking part in the community and being recognized for it!

IBM Champions 2016





Roughly once per quarter, I travel out to Schaumburg, IL to spend time in the PSC office. While it is work, in an office, cubes and all, it’s also something I love to do. I work with amazing, smart, and smartass people. We throw around coding ideas and technology topics. I fill my “thinking well”.

We also have lunches and dinners and drinks and I fill my social well.

No two of us are alike. In fact many of us are so opposite each other, it’s a wonder we can speak, and yet we are more than just speaking, we are friends. We respect our differences and celebrate them, both political and technology-based.

At the end of another week at the mothership, I just had to take a moment and express my joy and gratitude that I get to work with such wonderful people.

I Made Ribs So Good I Had To Blog About Them

Seriously.  If you’re looking for a tech post or a running post, move on.  This is truly about pork ribs.

Ribs and greens

I am on my third year of taking part in a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) farm share.  This time I decided to do the pork add on, which means once a month, in addition to my weekly vegetables, I get a big ol’ bag o’ pork.  This month I received pork chops, bacon, breakfast sausage, italian sausage, chorizo, ground pork, and pork ribs.  Pork ribs.  Delicious pork ribs.

I wanted to cook them (well, really, I wanted to eat them, but it is suggested that you cook them first, so…) and I turned to the internet for how to accomplish that.  Of course, there are many ways to cook ribs, but I had some limitations.  1) I am currently eating low carb and thus did not want a BBQ sauce-based recipe/method.  2) I do not own a smoker or even a grill.  3) It was 90F today, so the oven was sort of out of the question.

I found this recipe for a dry rub and mustard to make it stick. But again, the oven was not an option.  So I decided I would throw the ribs in my slow cooker.  Plenty of recipes/directions online for that.  BUT they all involved drowning the ribs in sauce, which again, was not an option.

I got creative.  I wanted the ribs in the slow cooker.  I wanted them dry-rubbed as in the above linked recipe.  I didn’t want them in liquid, but the slow cooker has a tendency to make things, well, liquidy.  Last week we had shucked corn, but didn’t cook it all.  So I decided to use the shucked corn cobs as my slow cooker base layer.  I then stacked the ribs on top of the corn, and then on top of each other.  Turned it on low and left if for 8 hours or so.

The result were the most amazing ribs I have ever eaten in my entire life.  The meat literally fell off the bone when I pulled them out of the slow cooker.

To go with the ribs, I sauteed up some of the farm share greens in olive oil and drizzled with a little of the pork drippings from the slow cooker.  Soooooooooo good.

Gotcha for Adding Ext JS (or other extras) to Domino Designer

I recently downloaded Ext JS 5 to add to my XPages applications.  La dee da, create new application, download Ext JS 5, import into application, do some stuff, close Designer, re-open Designer, attempt to re-open my app, and BOOM


Now I can’t re-open my application.  Ext JS5 has a lot of elements straight out of the box.  If you add the whole thing, you’ll likely blow up your application.  The worst part is that once you get this error, you can’t get back into the application in order to delete elements you don’t need.

So either back up your application before adding stuff, or you use source control, or be sure you aren’t importing too many elements.

For Ext JS Grids 5, I recommend just the build folder (and it’s direct level contents) and the package folder within the build folder that includes the theme you are using.

10 Lines or Less: Demo App and Slides

Julian Robichaux and I presented “10 Lines or Less: Interesting Things You Can Do With Java” at IBM ConnectED this January.  As promised (if not a bit delayed), here is the sample app, and a link to the slides.

ConnectED2015a.nsf 2

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